What Do I Do When I Arrive?

As you make your way through the front doors of our church, you will be welcomed and greeted by any number of our church members and guests. Help yourself to coffee and refreshments (located to your right) as you walk in. The sanctuary will be immediately to your front, and you will find restrooms down the hall to your left. You are welcome to bring coffee and refreshments into the sanctuary as well, when you are ready to find yourself a seat.

What Is Worship Like?

Worship at North Cross tends to fall into a category more in line with “blended” in its approach. While the majority of music will be lead by our praise band and be what is considered current and trending, most often our offertory and communion portion of the service is lead by our choir or ensemble groups.

What Is The Service Like?

Our services typically run a bit over one (1) hour in length. We have music at the start of our service, followed by announcements and then a children’s moment at the front of the church. Children then have the option to be dismissed for a children’s worship time, while the sermon is given by the pastor or special guest speaker. Then will have a time for the giving of tithes and offerings, followed immediately by communion. (*Children return to sanctuary before communion for the duration of the service.). Finally, our service will have a time of invitation for those who either want to join the church or commit to become a follower of Christ. The band then will play us out as the service come to a close.


Infants & Toddlers

For children Pre-K and under, we have nursery available for the service. The nursery is located down the hall to the left as you enter our building from the front entrance (the last room on the right, next to the kitchen). You can drop off your child(ren) and then pick them up after the service has concluded.

Elementary Aged

Children in K-3rd grade will begin the morning in the main service with their parents. After our announcements, there will be a Children’s Moment at the front of the church that they are welcome to take part in. Then they will be accompanied out the back of the sanctuary for Children’s Worship, while the sermon is preached. Children will then return to the sanctuary in time to take part in communion with their families. They will then stay in the service for the remaining duration of the service.

Middle School Aged

Children in 4th-6th grade will follow suit with what our children in K-3rd grade take part in. Quite often, since they are a bit older, these children will assist in some capacity during our Children’s Worship time. Children in this age group also have the option to remain in the main sanctuary for the duration on the entire service.


Kids in 7th-12th grade remain and take part in the service with the adults for the duration of the service.

Welcome To North Cross
If there is one thing that everyone can agree on is that no one likes to feel uncomfortable. And we especially do not like to feel uncomfortable when we are in unfamiliar places. So, we want to reduce that feeling as much as possible. Hopefully you will find relevant information below that will help you feel at ease when you visit us. And if you need to know something that is not found here, you can always email info@northcrosschurch.org and we will be sure to follow up with you as soon as possible. Thank you again for expressing interest in finding out more about North Cross UMC.


311 Highway 21Madisonville
[just 1½ miles south of 1-12]


Sunday School8:45
Morning Worship10:00